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Ouachita Water Dogs & Obedience Training cntr.

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             (est: 1997 )        Retriever Training / Obedience & Behavioral Training

                                                                          (Ouachita Obedience Training Cntr)

We are lctd. in West Ouachita Parish off of Hwy. 546.  Dog training has been our passion for the last 14 yrs. and we specialize in Obedience & Behavioral Training, Hunting Retriever Training, and take on a limited no. of dogs for BloodTrailing. Twenty (20) acres are available for the training along with 2 ponds, fields, and wooded areas. Each dog is worked on a one-to-one basis which helps to identify his strengths & weaknesses in order to achieve a good family pet or companion/hunting dog. Your dog is treated like family here and we encourage the owner to check on or contact us regarding your dog's well-being. We also board dogs here when space is available and feed Science Diet dog food or will accept your feed if your pup has a particular brand. In case of any emergencies, Cooper Vet Hospital has been a friend of this facility since the beginning and is only 10 mins. away to provide your pup with any level mdcl. attention that may be required.


        Frozen ducks are used for retiever training along with 12 ga. poppers.
       The 2 ponds available for training are set up to your particular hunting needs whether it be timber or rice field hunting.
        Retriever training consists of "started dogs" up to "finished dogs" along with any "special training" the hunter may
        need in order for the dog to adapt to your specific area. No time contracts are required. Your dog will be trained to 
        meet your time requirements.  All dogs must be current on vaccinations incl. bordatella (kennel cough). This is to
        protect your dog's health, as well as all the others at the facility (current vaccntn.copy required)

Ouachita's Magnum Jazz

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Obedience/ Behavioral Training- All Dog Breeds
              Hunting Retriever Training 
                   (lctd. in West Monroe)

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